Vision of Kiron Group

 Our aim is to provide affordable housing and commercials
to our clients at par with international standards so as to
         provide benchmark quality standards and a luxurious lifestyle 

Profile of Kiron Group

Kiron Builders was founded in the year 1971 by Mr. Narendra D. Patkar. The company and its associates are developing various residential and commercial projects.

The company has there on evolved and added more companies covering other aspects of development under its flagship and graduated to the mother company namely KIRON GROUP.

KIRON GROUP actively seeks growth by investing in a variety of systematically identified businesses making it a well-diversified conglomerate with interests in different projects.

Over the period of time, we have been acknowledged for quality, commitments, integrity, timely execution, innovative technology up gradations, brand equity & value addition all through for all our projects.

The company is managed by highly qualified professionals who are fully engrossed to ensure that the company maintains its high standards in quality construction, timely delivery and customer satisfaction. The company has always strived hard to keep its commitments and thus enjoys an extremely resonant reputation in the construction industry.


Logo of Kiron Group

The KIRON GROUP logo signifies the radiant and over powering sun god who keeps shining and lighting up the universe in the same way projects by KIRON GROUP does for people and their lives.

The tagline of BUILDING THROUGH GENERATIONS reiterates our promise of building with love and responsibility by our various generations for your generations which mean our projects withstand the ravages of time.

We are always at the forefront of technology in order to truly provide people with Advanced Lifestyles, be it at Home, at Work or at Recreation.

The Logo is like a beacon of good positive vibes to everyone at KIRON GROUP and signifies our everlasting commitment to people of India.

"This is who we are and what you can depend upon."

The company is proud of the reputation it has built for honesty and the quality of construction of its projects. Its management has set out a strict code of conduct to abide by in its dealings with customers.


Logo of Kiron Group
Corporate philosophy of Kiron Group

We at KIRON GROUP believe in relationships. We believe that there is something more to it than a business transaction.... something more in terms of its relationship with its customers KIRON GROUP spells warmth, comfort, loyalty, trust, and professional ethics. Since its inception, KIRON GROUP has diligently worked with just one endeavour in mind-to see a smile of satisfaction on the faces of people who meet us, move into homes built by us, supply to us and work with us.

Today, this philosophy is driving KIRON GROUP in every step of our operations and move into the future with lots of promise and aspirations.

The radiating rays of KIRON GROUP are our various companies which contribute in making KIRON GROUP whole and complete.

KIRON BUILDERS the mother company.

KONARK ENTERPRISES takes care of developing and building various projects.

LANDSCAPES & INTERIORS Inhouse interiors and project consultation.

DESIGNERS Project management services.




Kiron Builders - Construction company Kiron Group - Landscape and interiors

Kiron Group - Land banking Kiron Group - project and technical management
Management team of Kiron Group

Mr. Narendra Patkar, Chairman he has over two decades of experience in construction activities.

Mr. Kiran Patkar, Managing Director a civil Engineer with a futuristic vision he has displayed an in-depth understanding of the real estate business, customer psychology and the market behaviour.

Mrs. Kahini Kiran Patkar, Project Management Consultant an interior and landscape designer with a firm belief in delivering the highest standards of quality in the company's projects by ensuring strict quality control norms and fulfilling company's moto - BUILDING THROUGH GENERATIONS.

Staff of Kiron Group

Apart from the promoters themselves being professional experts like Engineers, Management Expert, Accountants, the company has a strong work force which include:

Site Engineers

Project Managers/Executives


Skilled workmen

Business managers

Administration staff

Each & every key person of our team is an expert in his line of specialization deep into the intricacies of his work, which enables him not only to provide the best of work but also identify unnecessary & avoidable costs.


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